Saturday, 27 September 2014

All my patterns are now watermarked

Some of you know that in the past few months there have been several instances of tatting designers having their patterns stolen from them — that is, published elsewhere without permission from them, or acknowledgement of them as the designers. Some of them have blogged about this — Jane Eborall, Corina Mayfeldt, and Marilee Rockley.

Back in March this year, I myself was alerted to a pattern in a magazine with a diagram looking quite remarkably like my diagram for my Cherry Blossom Hearts. But since it is such a very simple pattern, almost generic, I didn't really have much of a case for plagiarism.

I decided then that I would watermark my photos and diagrams (though I am not going to get them patented or registered with a copyright registry). However, because of my mum's illness and death, I didn't do much about it. Also, it took some time to find the right software to do the watermark.

But just a few days ago, it happened again — a designer's patterns, including her diagrams, popped up on a website without her permission, or any indication that they were her designs. That galvanised me into action. Since I have only a few designs, watermarking them was not too impossible a task.

So, it's now done. If you go to my pattern page (tab above), you'll see that all the photos on that page now have watermarks on them, and if you download the linked patterns, they all have watermarks, too.

If you have previously downloaded my patterns, I'd be glad if you could replace them with the latest versions. And if you're sharing the patterns to others, please refer them to my blog, because I might make further revisions to this or that pattern.

Thanks! :-)


  1. I'm sorry it was necessary to watermark your patterns. But, I am glad you've done it. You are so generous to give them away. I have tatted many of your works and been delighted. It is really poor pay-back to have them stolen.

  2. Your patterns are lovely and it's a shame that you have had to take this action, why are these people in the world who think they can pinch other peoples ideas and call them their patterns.

  3. I agree with previous comments. It takes all sorts to populate this world ! It can be quite disheartening for a designer!
    I will gladly replace your lovely patterns ...

  4. Good decision, Grace. Sorry for the reason you had to watermark your work. On the other hand, we sign so many other things we conceive, why should we not do the same with our work? They will circulate anyway and I find it better to make them easy to be tracked. Not against the dishonest persons, but to help the other ones to find the source.

    1. That's right - that's the strongest reason for watermarking. We can't stop those who are determined to steal, but we can help those who found our patterns on, say, Pinterest to find their way to us.