Saturday, 29 August 2020

Endless Hearts Braid with Corner


This is a pattern I was working on quite intensely, in early 2013. In response to a request, I even created an SCMR corner for it. 

But then I stalled, because it was so onerous to tat! I needed two paper clips as strivers for every repeat of the pattern – they went on, then off, then on, then off, over and over again. 

When it came to describing how to tat it – well, that was even more hideous! I took pictures for a tutorial, then realised that I still needed to write long and convoluted sentences about joining to the undersides of chains…

So, I just gave up – though I did go on to write up and publish other patterns using the little hearts (see under "My patterns").

But, in July, Muskaan shared about the Intruding Picot. I saw at once that maybe this picot could replace those pesky paper clips. So I dusted off my Endless Hearts samples and scribbles and started experimenting with it again. I eventually stumbled on a join that was new to me – I call it the Encapsulating Picot Join. That solved most of my problems, and I was able to tat the Endless Hearts without strivers or tears, and then to write it up and draw diagrams for it.

And now, after extensive test-tatting and rewrites, here it is at last!

My test tatters made many suggestions, reflecting a great array of tatting styles! I wasn't able to use them all, but I have compiled them in the next blog post, so that you can try them out, if you wish.


  1. Thank you Grace for sharing this pattern. I know many hours have gone into it and I wanted to say I appreciate you and your talent!

  2. Thank you! Beautiful edging!

  3. Wonderful Grace, I’m glad you have it published.

  4. I’m glad you decided to come back to the pattern after all these years. Good idea to make a separate blog post showing the various options that test tatters came up with. It was interesting to see all of the different approaches!

    1. Yes, I also was really quite surprised how many ways there were to do this pattern! :-)

  5. I enjoyed testing the pattern and being part of the renewed journey to the finish! It is indeed a beautiful pattern with multiple options. <3