My patterns

Here they are, in the order that I designed them (not the publication order):

For each pattern, click on the hyperlink to open a new window or tab with the PDF file, then click on the down arrow at the top to download the PDF.

If you have any problem tatting them, don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll do my best to help.

If you would like to pass on the pattern, please ask people to download it here, so that they can get the latest version. Thanks!

 1. Grace's First Snowflake and Variation

My first design! With a variation that's almost the same as the original.
Grace's First Snowflake & Variation, December 2012

2. Cherry Blossom Snowflake This is my second variation on the First Snowflake.
Cherry Blossom Snowflake, December 2012

3. Cherry Blossom Hearts
This started as a variation on the Cherry Blossom Snowflake. I was playing up the hearts, and thinking of cherry blossoms. As it turns out, other, quite illustrious designers have had the same idea before! I've provided more details in the PDF, as well as in this post.

4. Three Little Hearts
While tatting and thinking about Brigit Phelps' Small Star, I somehow came up with the Trefoil Heart instead. I then built some other designs from the Trefoil Heart (as you can see on this page). The SCMR Heart was developed in response to a request for a corner for my Endless Hearts edging (which I have finally published!).

I actually designed this in early 2013, but stalled when it came to writing it up (see this post). But, finally, it's done! 😃
This is the first of a series of patterns using the Trefoil Heart. It's not the first to be designed (it was preceded by the Three Little Hearts and the Endless Hearts), but it is the first that I felt capable of explaining.
Trefoil Hearts Butterfly, February 2013, September 2014

7. Trefoil Hearts Shamrock — I came up with this just after St. Patrick's Day, 2013.
Trefoil Hearts Shamrock, March 2013

7. Jane's Bookmark Cross (a modification of Jane's Bookmark, on this site)
I came up with this cross while tatting Jane's Bookmark. Two-tone effects are quite easy to achieve; just start with two threads in different colours. Quite a variety of two-tone effects are possible…
Jane's Bookmark Cross, April 2013

8. Dagmar Cross (a tatted rendition of a cross that is a Danish icon)
I designed this cross in response to a call in 2013 for tatting designs by the Danish Tatting Association for patterns to mark their 20th anniversary. You can read more about my design process in this blog post. The pattern for this cross was first published in Orkis Bladet, December 2013 issue.
Dagmar Cross, July 2013

9. 3D Christmas Earrings
I designed these in response to a request from my sister. I wanted truly 3D earrings that wouldn't go flat after a couple of hours. This is a freeform pattern – I hope the instructions are clear.

3D Christmas Earrings, December 2016