Friday, 14 March 2014

What colours for Round 3 of Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin?

First, here's my Round 2 completed:

Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin, Round 2
My mum said, "That would make a really pretty coaster!" I might tat just Rounds 1 and 2 again and make a set of coasters…

But, on to Round 3. What colours to use? I thought I would go back to Butterfly Breeze and introduce Leafy Greens. But, when I tatted one or two motifs, I didn't like it (see the top right corner in the picture below). It looked cool next to the yellow and blue of Round 2, like it was receding. But I figure, the flower round should pop forward! So I started again with Pineapple Parfait (my foundation colour, I realise), and added Fruit Fizz. Ah, much brighter and stronger (see at top left)! So I cut off my first attempt and went with Fruit Fizz. But, now I wonder if I've added too many colours. I hope the yellow will tie things together. And I'm still thinking of going back to Leafy Greens/Butterfly Breeze for the next round, or the next one…

Rpund 3 - which colours to choose?

I've chosen Pineapple Parfait and Fruit Fizz
Threads - Lizbeth Size 40.
Round 1: Pineapple Parfait and Butterfly Breeze
Round 2: Pineapple Parfait and Arctic Waters
Round 3: Pineapple Parfait and Fruit Fizz


  1. I agree that the Fruit Fizz pops a lot more. I am tatting this doily, too and made the flower rounds red to pop out of the Fern Green color on the other rounds. Love your doily so far.

  2. I think the greens will look good on the next rounds that are more plain, so they look like leaves and vines behind the flowers.

  3. More beautiful colors!!! :) Can't wait to see all the colors in the finished doily!!! :)

  4. Grace, I love the colors so far! And I'm sure the next rounds, with "leaves & vines" can use the greens. The Pineapple Parfait will hold it all together.
    What cute, yummy names these threads have; not to mention the variegation combos :-))

  5. Gorgeous colours! I like option 3 the best :). Can't wait to see more progress pics :).

  6. Looking lovely, be careful on the next row perhaps keeping to just the threads you have started with doing alternative repeating 1,2 and 3 again.
    Does that make sense how I wrote it?

    1. I think I know what you mean - go back to yellow/Butterfly Breeze for Round 4, then yellow/Arctic Waters for Round 5, then yellow/Fruit Fizz for round 6. But I was thinking of following another logic. The upcoming rounds are more like leaves and vines, and I'm looking towards the next flower round, Round 8. I want that to pop out again - probably Arctic Waters and yellow. Whereas I want the vine rounds to recede. Hopefully it will work out…

  7. Hi, Grace T! Here's another Grace T who loves to tat and I REALLY LOVE the colors you've chosen for this Spring Doily. I'll be watching to see your progress.

  8. Grace,
    I love the colors you have chosen. I've never tatted a doily but perhaps soon, I may try the first two rounds as you have suggested for a coaster.