Saturday, 25 January 2014

TIAS January 2014 and before

Jane Eborall is currently running a TIAS (Tat It and See) at this blog. She releases a mystery pattern in small instalments, and we tat each instalment and make guesses about what it is. Jane does it every January, and I've been taking part ever since I first started tatting in December 2011.

The first year I took part (January 2012), I had been tatting for only a month. I had never done an SCMR, and I had only just learned the split ring, but I followed along, and was very proud to arrive at the finish line with this goat:

In January 2013, I did the TIAS again, and this time it was a pram. I did it frontside/backside, and so for the first time did backward-facing split rings and split chains.

In September 2013, there was an extra TIAS from Sherry Pence. Again I took part, as you can see from my blog posts for September and October 2013.

This year, I got a late start, but now I have caught up to Day 7 (out of 14, I think). What can it be? My wild guess: the Sydney Opera House. :-)

You can join the TIAS at any point. Do try it — it's a lot of fun!


  1. Er, I don't think the goat was the first one. I've also done a hippo, a girl with plaits, an aeroplane.....

    1. You're quite right. But it was the first year of my existence as a tatter. :-) I've edited my post of clarify that...