Friday, 30 August 2013

Testing yet again…

I'm still not convinced that Feedburner "Follow by Email" is working right. If you received an e-mail notification of this post via Feedburner, could you let me know? Thanks! :-)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Testing again…

No eye candy this time – though I do appreciate the comments on the crosses! :-) I would just like to know if "Follow by email" is working. If no-one is getting e-mail notifications through that, I'll remove that gadget and try something else – there seem to be lots of options!

Testing, testing…

I've been testing the way the various features of this blog work. Right now, I am trying to see if the "Follow by e-mail" gadget by Feedburner works. If you entered your e-mail previous to this, and now you get an e-mail notification, can you please let me know? Thanks.

And, here's some more eye candy:

Another Cross Variation, design by Rachael Mohler
I learned lots from tatting this design, too. I tried to slim it down, and discovered that it wasn't so easy to improve on it:
Rachael's cross, flanked by my slimmed-down attempts
The slimmer crosses look okay in this picture, but in fact they ruffle a bit in the middle. But Rachael's original pattern lies perfectly flat!

Anyway, if you received an e-mail notification for this, I'd be very happy to know! Also, please let me know whether it was Feedburner, or Blogger, or Google+, or etc. that notified you. Thanks!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Post with a picture

 When I posted a link to this blog in Facebook, I was surprised that no thumbnail appeared. Was it because I didn't have any posts with pictures? So, here is a picture:

Endless Hearts finger ring, January 2013
This will motivate me to get that pattern done…

Just checked, and there's still no thumbnail! If anyone could explain why, I'd be interested to know…

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Check out the tabs…

I intended this as a catalogue of work rather than an actual blog. So – surprise – the main content of this blog is in the 'pages', shown as tabs at the top. So, if you're wondering what to look at, check those out.

My patterns are up!

Yes, the main reason I started this blog has been achieved! Have a look under the My Patterns tab. Now, I still have to make the blog pretty. Also, if there's any feature you would like to see which I don't have, let me know.

Monday, 19 August 2013

My first ever blog post

Well, this is just to get something up on my blog, so that I'll have something to customise. I want to post my tatting patterns, and maybe a gallery of other things I've tatted. All in good time. All after I've found out how to do tabs...