Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Testing, testing…

I've been testing the way the various features of this blog work. Right now, I am trying to see if the "Follow by e-mail" gadget by Feedburner works. If you entered your e-mail previous to this, and now you get an e-mail notification, can you please let me know? Thanks.

And, here's some more eye candy:

Another Cross Variation, design by Rachael Mohler
I learned lots from tatting this design, too. I tried to slim it down, and discovered that it wasn't so easy to improve on it:
Rachael's cross, flanked by my slimmed-down attempts
The slimmer crosses look okay in this picture, but in fact they ruffle a bit in the middle. But Rachael's original pattern lies perfectly flat!

Anyway, if you received an e-mail notification for this, I'd be very happy to know! Also, please let me know whether it was Feedburner, or Blogger, or Google+, or etc. that notified you. Thanks!


  1. Lovely crosses, love the colours, Rachel's patterns are lovely and always work so well.