Saturday, 5 April 2014

Round 6 of Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin done; on to Round 7…

I've been puttering along on Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin. I've finished Round 6 now.

Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin, Round 6 complete

So now I'm on Round 7. I decided to use slightly brighter colours: Spring Green and Fruit Fizz. I'm reserving the powerful yellow Pineapple Parfait for Round 8…

Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin, Round 7 in progress
Threads: all Lizbeth Size 40.
Round 1: Pineapple Parfait and Butterfly Breeze
Round 2: Pineapple Parfait and Arctic Waters
Round 3: Pineapple Parfait and Fruit Fizz
Round 4: Spring Green and Butterfly Breeze
Round 5: Leafy Greens and Arctic Waters
Round 6: Leafy Greens and Butterfly Breeze
Round 7: Spring Green and Fruit Fizz


  1. Wow grace this is a beautiful mat and I love your colour combo.,

  2. Looks awesome. Such beautiful bright colors.

  3. That doily is so beautiful!!! It absolutely says "Spring"!!! :)

  4. The yellow color in pineaple parfait makes the doily look like a sun with yellow spikes radiating outward.