Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Testing again…

No eye candy this time – though I do appreciate the comments on the crosses! :-) I would just like to know if "Follow by email" is working. If no-one is getting e-mail notifications through that, I'll remove that gadget and try something else – there seem to be lots of options!


  1. Grace I got an email this morning in my inbox,

  2. I just signed up yesterday on feedburner. I enjoy this new gadget and wish all bloggers would have the "button"!! I lose a lot of blogs that are put into bookmarks or on a sidebar. Someday I will learn to add a top bar on my blog for different topics and where to go. Love your blog and tatting. Looking forward to seeing more!!!
    Linda in NM

  3. Thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure whether it was Feedburner or another mechanism that did the job, though! Maybe I will add another gadget…